Mountain Biking Southern Appalachian Bicycle Association SABA invites all interested bicyclists to join our club ,

The Southern Appalachian Bicycle Association welcomes riders of all ages and abilities, with skill levels ranging from novice to elite. Individual interests vary from those who just like touring at a casual pace, to those who love competition and racing.
Hanging Dog US Forest Service Recreation Area/Campground Hanging Dog US Forest Service Recreation Area Murphy, NC 28906, United States 1-877-444-6777

The Ramsey Bluff Bike Trail System is located at the Hanging Dog Campground area (offering overnight camping), and offers under-utilized adventure in Mountain biking, hiking, and cross-country running.  The eight mile labyrinth of trails is actually a group of connected loops, allowing an interesting variety of combinations for repeat visitors to explore.  The trail difficulty ranges from easy to moderate, and range from 1500 to 1900′ in elevation.  Some trails do contain a few obstacles, such as low hanging limbs, the occasional rock or stump, or a strategicallyl-placed mogul, reminding one that this is a National Forest and not a city park.
Piney Knob Trail Hiking and Mountain Biking Trail Murphy NC 28906

The town of Murphy, NC plans to construct 22.3 miles of recreational hiking and mountain biking trails on the 700+ acre Murphy Watershed property off of Piney Know Hill Road.  We are currently working on the first phase of this project that will rebuild Piney Knob Road, build two large entry bridges, and construct approximately 6 miles of trails.  This first phase will convert a preexisting logging road into a smaller, more sustainable natural surface trail suitable to foot traffic and cyclists of all skill levels.  All trails will be dirt single-track trails and will be build in accordance with International Mountain Bike Association standards.  In the future, this first phase trail will serve as the main access trail to the more advanced sections of the park.

DIRECTIONS TO PINEY KNOB TRAIL – Regal Street is across from the Casino on 19/74.  Turn on Regal Street and go straight for about 300 ft.  Piney Knob Road will be on your right.  Cross over railroad track and go straight up the little hill.  You will see a yellow gate.  Go thru gate and the parking lot will be about one (1) mile.  It is a narrow little road.